Eel Festival of Comacchio

Sagra dell'Anguilla 2014

Eel Festival 2014

On 27-28 September and 4-5 October 11 to 12 the festival dedicated Anguilla reached the 16th edition!

What better setting than that of water and monumental bridges in brick and Istrian stone, to pay tribute to the undisputed queen of the Comacchio?
It could not be otherwise, between the channels of the old town and the adjacent lagoon, staging a show of art varies, the colors of the sky and the lights of the water, including the sounds of nature and the charm of popular culture, to enjoy and celebrate our famous eel.

The event highlights the history and local identity, recalling thousands of years old stories and ancient knowledge, also keeping the tradition of flavors that you can find at the food stand, but also with a hint of innovative experimentation that you will have the opportunity to sample a local restaurant center.

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