Local Products

hats with pumpkin Ferrara Evidence of the strong link between territory and local products are found in many ancient texts, in which explicit reference to products that are still part of the traditional cuisine of Ferrara.

In order to safeguard this heritage, the local producers, in committees, have started the procedures for the recognition of Community trade marks PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), specially designed by the European Union to protect production ' Special 'from counterfeiting and regulated in the Reg. EEC 2081/92.

Couple ferarese

To date, the products that can boast the Community trade mark are the couple Ferrarese (PGI) bread and internationally renowned wines of Bosco Eliceo (OCD). To be considered by the competent authorities and are awaiting acknowledgment Community eel of the Comacchio, the Clam Goro, watermelon Ferrara, Emilia the melon, carrot Delta Ferrara, salama salama da sugo or Ferrara, the 'Aunt' Ferrara (garlic sausage), salami Ferrara, rice of the Po Delta, garlic Voghiera, pumpkin cappellacci Ferrara, the pampapato-pampepato of Ferrara.

Here is a list of some traditional products of Ferrara:

1. Bondiola
2. Salama da sugo
3. Salama da sugo Our Lady of the Woods
4. Salami with garlic
5. Cappelletti, caplit
6. cappellacci pumpkin
7. Donut Ferrara
8. Mandolin Bridge
9. macaroni pie Ferrara
10. Pampapato-Pampepato
11. Tirotta with onion
12. Sand Martin of All Saints
13. curly cake or pie noodles, taiadela
14. acquadelle marinades
15. Anguilla marinade Comacchio
16. Cake Tenerina

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