Cycle tourism


Check out the bike paths in the area of ​​Ferrara and its surroundings!


The cycling "quiet", whether it be for short trips Sunday that a long holiday, is increasingly becoming a mass phenomenon, with players of all ages: young people, families with children, the elderly, and so on.
The best way to travel is definitely the bike!
This amazing means of transportation allows us to give back to the distances their proper perspective. What do you lose when you are traveling by car or motorbike ... In addition, the relatively low speed of the medium allows us to discover and feel a landscape that we would never have noticed in the car. Try to ride a bike your usual route by car. You will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the landscape!
These pages show the main routes of the territory of Ferrara Province, passing to other cities such as Bolzano, Chioggia, Modena, etc ...

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