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A little piece of tranquility to rediscover the flavors of Ferrara ....

Our farm is located at the beginning of the natural oasis of the Valleys of Mezzano and in the middle of the countryside of Ferrara; it is therefore a place surrounded by nature and in reality local farming, especially suitable for couples and families and for those looking to get away from the chaos of everyday life in search of peace and tranquility. Our strengths are relaxation, contact with nature and good food Ferrara!

Ours is a farm of about 40 hectares family business, specializing in arable crops of grains and vegetables, and bees (produce wildflower honey, linden, sunflower, acacia and alfalfa).

In our business there is a store of fruits and vegetables from our own production, we use, however, in the production of the food in the restaurant of the farm.

The restaurant specializes in preparing dishes from Ferrara and was champion of country cooking at Agri & Tur in 2007.

Why come to Trava? To rediscover the pleasure of the spirit and refresh the palate in a cheerful atmosphere of conviviality and tranquility of nature.

The Structure

It is an old courtyard renovated country, which has four cozy country-style rooms, each with private bathroom, central heating, hair dryer. The farm also has facilities to accommodate people with disabilities.

The Park

Around the building there is a large playground for children, table tennis, soccer and trampoline, a dance floor for summer evenings and gazebos to relax. It 's the ideal place to make graduation parties and receptions, birthdays, communions, confirmations, school parties and any other occasion you want to celebrate.

The Porch / Restaurant

Recently renovated, it is a country-style porch with fireplace, air conditioning and heating, suitable for parties, dinners and receptions throughout the year. In the summer, in fact, the porch opens to enjoy the breeze from the sea and find the ideal temperature.

Under the portico was built a fireplace specifically for the cooking of meat grilled on pine cones, freshly cooked in front of customers to guarantee a perfect cooking. With the pot 'sausage on the grill' we, among other things won the 1st prize in the kitchen of Agri & Rural Rd 2007. We also specialize in the production of pasta stuffed pasta, ie hats, ravioli and tortelli of all kinds.

A place for everyone ...

The farm is at the beginning of a vast natural site consists mainly of the Valle del Mezzano, drained and reclaimed in the late '60s, and some adjacent natural areas such as the pool of notice, the Anse St. Camillus, the Vallette of Osterley and docks Valley Human. All of these areas is poorly urbanized and is characterized by large plots that are home to a variety of crops, ranging from arable plants nursery. These stretches are further divided by a network of canals, ditches, drains, and are home to ancient draining systems, some of which are still functioning.
In the '90s the site was the subject of an agri-environmental program aimed at creating environments for wildlife and wild flora, why were restored ponds, wetlands and grasslands with shrubs.

For nature lovers ...

Cycling, walking, bird watching.
Being rich in wildlife and birds of rare beauty, this area is particularly suitable for those who enjoy bird watching and photography.

It 'also a favorable area for cycling, in fact, around the farm several bike paths that wind their way, through the countryside of Porto, leading to the neighboring oases. At the farm you can hire mountain bikes and find maps of the area showing the paths to follow.

For those who love fishing ...

For lovers of sport fishing professionals and our facility is the perfect place to stay; We are located just 5 kilometers from the competition area Valley National Hare Osterley. On the occasion of the races we provide our customers a dedicated space in which to prepare the bait and tackle.

For lovers of art and historical centers ...

For lovers of art and history suggest you visit the cities of art Ferrara, Ravenna and Venice, and the Castle Verginese, a former summer residence of the Dukes of Este located Gambulaga, a small village a few miles from Portsmouth. The delight Verginese has been recognized 'World Heritage Site' by UNESCO in 1999 due to its important landscape features typical Renaissance Delta PO.

For lovers of the sea ...

In just 20 minutes by car you can reach the Lidi di Comacchio and spend pleasant hours in the sun and breathe in the sea air. These places are particularly suitable for families and couples looking for a quiet and relaxing days, but there is also ample space for young people. The Lido of Este and the Lido di Spina are in fact the most mundane, the first with its shops and restaurants, the second of nightclubs and trendy bars.

Location and contacts

Via San Carlo Trava, 15 44015 Portoverrara
44.6934179, 11.833866199999989
338 4513248