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"Quietovivere" is an oasis nestled in the seaside resorts, but at the same time connected, through an extensive network of canals, the largest and most well-known Comacchio Valleys. In order to offer the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery made up of environmental and natural wetlands of the town of Comacchio, and from spring until the end of September, "Quietovivere" organizes boat trips in the valleys (channel Vene and Logonovo Valley Fattibello, adductor Valle Foce), with guided tours of the historic center of Comacchio.

Within the company operates a fully equipped and confortable farmhouse restaurant where courteously but heightened professionalism, are served the best dishes of the valley in the elaboration of its renowned culinary tradition Comacchiese

Deserves to be tasted the soup of eel "bàc of Asen".

Are served almost exclusively fish caught directly and so be prepared to enjoy delicious sea bass and sea bream fragrant, succulent eels "open" to the fire, golden granchielle valley, ending with the fragrant and crispy fried mixed acquadelle, shrimp and schile. There are many traditional dishes served comacchiese in this corner of paradise. Many of the images you see below refer to these true icons of good food locally.

Location and contacts

Viale Raffaello Sanzio, 96 44029 Lido di Spina
44.65560970000001, 12.241214600000035
338 1667261