Farm Natural Oasis The Pradine

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Contains all you need to recreate the spirit and tone the body, the discovery of colors, smells, tastes and sounds of a farm respectful of nature, and of an authentic Natural Oasis.
Our passion, combined with the good cooperation and the smile of Ornella, keeper of the court St. Ignatius, and the welcoming nature and magic of the park, will take you to a unique corner of paradise in the countryside of Ferrara. Ornella, with Anna, investing skills and passion in the reception and entertainment of guests.

"My choice for The Pradine comes from my dream. Realize what I was doing as great as in the small courtyard in Bergamo along with grandmothers. Cut and stack the wood for the winter, look after the chickens and rabbits, walk in the woods in search of hidden animals, collect the potatoes in the fields. The children bowed to the ground more easily, not only because they were smaller, but because they were more simple and natural. This gesture has given life and vigor to the decision to leave my beloved land and to put down roots in the great plain of Ferrara. The friendship and bond with Anna favored choice in Farm ".

In every season, from the sunny days and clear in spring and those muffled the misty winter evenings, an emotion of color, a flight of heron, the crowing of the cock, the rustle of the wind, you will enter with charm, taste and amazement in breath of nature and of our land, are pleased to offer our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a production that also wants to be a model of happy coexistence between agriculture and nature.

St. Ignatius is often scene of wedding receptions outdoors, in a countrified setting, and is one of the most evocative of the estate, in the shadow of a large grove and a strip of forest composed of tree species and shrubs typical of the plain, brushed by a small river on whose banks grow big willows. Its charm is accentuated by the presence of some ancient maceri, reshaped and re-naturalized, designed to perform ecological functions and landscape.
The formula for a holiday truly relaxing. The occasion for moments of serenity.

Location and contacts

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