The Farm Spagnolina

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The 'farm the "Spagnolina" is a historical courtyard near the bank of the Po, the ancient Roman road Palantone, by stakes driven into the ground to support the transition in the vicinity of the river. In the middle of a large garden, more than 10,000 square meters with more than fifty species of trees and shrubs bordering a pool of nearly 20,000 fir trees in which it nests eagle owls and other birds of prey.

We are equipped with several bikes for unforgettable rides on the Po, canoes, sailboats and motor nature trail, archery, garden with "seating areas", lily pond, children's playground. Tractors and farm equipment vintage lead us to walk through time, the old wood stove for long-forgotten flavors, sauna, frigidarium in old oak vats, Internet, entertainment room with projector, table tennis .. our plants The products of our .. for our grain to make bread together as we once did.

Its proximity to Venice, reachable by car or by train in 50 minutes, allowing guests of the 'farm to spend the day and then relax in a wonderful and quiet.

Places of interest
The banks of the Great River can be seen from our court and Boscone Porporana is a rare example of the spontaneous flora and fauna indigenous to see slide inside the path that leads to Ferrara or Bondeno for a wide circle of track not passable by cars.

With our comfortable boat, you can easily reach the beautiful fortress Starry, ancient customs of the Duchy of Este; along the waterway meets the typical mansions fishing with the chance to reserve one, the wild island (on which you can land), the Triangle (the dock with a slide for the mass of water in boats or rafts) .

Within an hour's drive or so, the city of Venice, Comacchio, Ravenna, Verona, Bologna, Padua and other pearls of our artistic and cultural heritage.

Location and contacts

Via Saccona, 33 44123 Ferrara Porporana
44.927404, 11.471567700000037
329 0975897