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Located in a strategic position between Ferrara, Bologna and Ravenna, Wisdom is a quiet, romantic place where you can enjoy a healthy time to relax and enjoy the typical cuisine of Ferrara, here you will find the relaxed style of the past, delights to surprise your taste, quiet and comfortable rooms.

The farm, in the countryside, with its acres of land, a few miles from Ferrara, then waits for guests in its rooms furnished in rustic style, in the beautiful summer terrace and pool room; to enjoy lunches and dinners for parties and important events.

The family atmosphere and homely, good cuisine will frame your moments of joy and relaxation.

A stone's throw from the city, in the country!

Hospitality and tradition.

The family Bonora is pleased to welcome you to the Wisdom where hospitality and tradition combine to create harmony and well-being.

A few kilometers from the city of Ferrara settled in the countryside, in an old barn recently renovated, you are faced with a rustic, yet elegant, suitable for any type of customer.

The stay at La Sapienza lends relaxing and rich in history, after a short drive, you can in fact alternate walks on the walls of Ferrara, in his historic visits to locations of interest such as Bologna, Ravenna and Ferrara shores and then the back and enjoy hearty evening filled with past and goodness framed by a spontaneous welcome.

The Farm Bonora was born in 1966 and takes the form of Poggeto the church of St. Giles, November 30, 1969 with the marriage of Frank and Giles Aldighieri Bonora founders of the family.
From this union was born three children, including Christian and Nicholas and their idea will be the future of the farm.

In those years, the company owned 14 acres of land located mostly in the Fund
"The Ghettia" where there was the foundation of Gaibana delll'azienda.
In 1984, the love of Frank for the flowers, stems and materialized the idea of ​​floriculture greenhouses; still working.

In the 90s, the Fund has been extended and are acquired 5 new acres of land to the "Ca Round" Voghiera, then in '95, another 17 acres to "Baraldina" of Gaibana.

In 2000 came the purchase of the Fund "The Little Colombarola" which will be built on the farm.
Ancient complex dating back to 1700 (date established by the finding of an engraving of a tile) remained just; the barn and the old homes of the peasants.

Years of restoration brought the Bonora in June 2005 to inaugurate "La Sapienza".

Currently, the farm has 37 acres of land 24 of orchard from which they are derived mainly pear Abbot: The Queen of Pears plus: Conference Pears, William, Passagrassana, apricots and apples Fujy; the remainder is planted with orchards, vines and cereals; which supply the needs of the farm.

Location and contacts

Via Bonetta, 8 44019 St. Nicholas, Argenta, Ferrara
44.710682, 11.708760999999981
0532 803638