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Over the past years we have completely changed the farming techniques, looking for an eco-compatible which builds traditions, but always open to technological innovations.

A balanced ecosystem, without the use of chemicals, means giving back to the campaigns bio-diversity essential for agricultural practice environmentally.

Under the brand "La Lepre Bianca" are handled a total of 44 hectares of orchard and vineyard certified organic.

5 hectares of farmland are intended to bands such as wooded ecological corridors for the life of insects and wildlife in order to maintain the balance in favor of the orchard and the general ecosystem.

La Lepre Bianca farm is open / educational.

The company is awarded the Oscar Green 2006 for the category "environmental protection and sustainability."

The land is suitable for growing pere.Oggi "La Lepre Bianca" is a farm farm specializing in the growing of organic pears. The varieties of pears grown, Abate, Conference, William, S. Maria, Doyenne, are sold under the "La Lepre Bianca" to school canteens and local markets, 60% is exported to Europe.

By 4 hectares of vineyards in Lambrusco and Salamino produce an excellent Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC certified organic ICEA. Guests also offer honey, jams, wine, fruit juice, blackberries and other business products certified as organic.

A request for all, horse riding, cycling

Location and contacts

Via Renazzo, 88 44045 Renazzo
44.7631118, 11.28660590000004