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Located in the plain of Ferrara versatile and enclosed by a thick boundary hedge, the company covers 26 hectares, of which 20 are cultivated forages, cereals, fruits and vegetables in rotation, while the remaining 6 ha are divided among the farm buildings ( such as the barn for beef cattle, the farmhouse restaurant, stores and several barns) and the important elements of nature (waste paper, copses and hedgerows internal) restored or built from scratch on several occasions over time.

Biodynamic farming and closed loop

The orientation of biodynamic cultivation is centered on the use of that prepared by spray and pile and setting company called "closed loop", a particular model that predicts domestic production of fodder for cattle reared them provide the amount of fertilizer required to fertilize the fields, in a circularity of requirements that are self-sustaining strenghtens the production cycle. The tools and biodynamic practices, applied with consciousness and awareness, can deliver both in the products obtained (goods) and in the agricultural environment, high levels of quality in balance.

The stable

One of the pillars of the company is stable in beef cattle cow-calf and bull bred breeding limo full of fattening. At full capacity the facility can accommodate up to 18 mares with its more manzolame twenty animals for fattening or ristallo, that is, the amount of people with sustainable fodder business and for consumers or the farmhouse restaurant.

The restaurant

From the fields come the majority of raw materials used in the restaurant.

The kitchen can therefore offer a wide range of specialties from the area designed in a tradition without excluding a pinch of creativity. The a la carte menu is offered with the products that the season has to offer.

The place is simple and cozy, formed out of the original restored farmhouse can accommodate up to 50 diners around.


In addition to producing fodder and grains used for livestock feed (alfalfa, hay, barley etc ..), the company provides the raw materials for both the farm and for sale to the public.

The flour of wheat and corn, as well as basic cooking vegetables (potatoes, pumpkins, cabbage, cabbage, radish, fennel, etc ..) and fruit, with 10 varieties of apples, 4 varieties of pears, 10 varieties of peaches and strawberries, they become part of the most varied recipes of the restaurant and appearing on the market stall.

There are also many processed products such as juices, pear, peach, apple, tomato paste, jam, peaches and pears in syrup, bread and baked sourdough with sourdough.

Location and contacts

Via the Seraglio, 5, Argenta FE 44011
44.6171421, 11.83690809999996
0532 851452