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November Magic from 'November 1 to 30

November MAGIC

November magical Ferrara

Festival dedicated to the world of Magic and Illusionism

November Magic is an event dedicated to the world of Magic and Illusionism designed by Stileventi Group in collaboration with the IBO Italy and was born from the desire to spread the culture of magic in Ferrara and the willingness to learn in a fun and fascinating activities volunteering and projects that IBO Italy brings forward in the world.

November magical includes a series of activities that make up the "Format" itinerant (a total of five weeks 1 to 30 November 2014) which will be hosted in sequence in the municipalities of Comacchio, Migliarino, Copparo, Ferrara.

Guided tours in Ferrara and not just highlighting the value, along with the historical and artistic attractions, the stunning views and all that binds with myths and legends.

Gatherings in exclusive locations and unusual in Ferrara and not only with the participation of "street magic" traveling in the crowd: effects Micromag large or small miracles that occur just in the hands of the public.

IBO MAGIC SHOW - Festival of Magic ...
Saturday, November 1 COMACCHIO "Palazzo Bellini"
Saturday, November 8 MIGLIARINO "multipurpose room"
Saturday, November 15 COPPARO "Teatro de 'Micheli"
Saturday, November 29 FERRARA "Teatro Comunale"

A unique and unforgettable experience different for each location.
An exciting journey into the world of illusion he meets on his journey through the magic of classic and modern from the mysterious and fascinating atmospheres of mentalism, not to mention the great illusions and comedy magic spoken thanks to the performances of artists of international fame and also television which is turns on stage in a swirling mix of illusions, laughter and surprises. Part of the proceeds of the Ibo Magic Show will be donated to charity in IBO Italy (co-organizer) and Children's Association Aurora (activities pr)

"Magic as art is capable of making visible what is not visible in reality" through an art competition with the theme of the representation of magic, painters, sculptors and other kinds of Young Artists of the only institute d 'Art of Our Province will be able to' tell 'through their own point of view on an exhibition to coincide with the November magical and with the opportunity to win scholarships. After the completion of some works will be given away to Italy and IBO Association for Children Aurora.

Workshops for Boys and sharing moments for the whole family during which the young (approximately up to 12 years) will be involved from Wizards and Witches fascinating in recreational activities with the purpose of building, maybe even with the help of Mom and Dad, their "first sleight of hand" and then be able to perform at home wonderful friends and family. A fun opportunity for parents to spend some time in the "family" and share an unforgettable experience with their children.
And finally, puppet shows obviously telling magical stories.

Saturday, November 26 Dinner magic with "Simon Cabaret Magic"
White Rabbit Restaurant - Via Guglielmo Marconi 13 Ferrara
Into and reservations: Tel. 0532 1860475

All activities will be FULLY ACCESSIBLE.

For more information:

Stileventi Group Srl
Roberto Ferrari
Tel. 339 6733696

New Years Eve in Ferrara 2014-2015

Proposals for New Year's Eve in Ferrara are many, you can choose the classic New Year's Eve, but also a new year in search of alternative or social events where even meet the VIPs.

The burning of the Castello Estense in Ferrara

The most beautiful New Year's holiday in Italy organized by the Province and the City of Ferrara with the artistic coordination and organization of Prestige Events, reached its eleventh edition. repurposed This year will be the winning format of previous years shows integrated with d ' exception and a completely renovated "Castle of Fire" as defined by the national media one of the most beautiful and exciting firework displays in Europe, accompanied by a soundtrack unpublished.

The Year of Ferrara is also a big party at 'sign of security; the unrivaled support of all the authorities as Police, Police, Fire Brigade, Police Station, 118, Watch di Finanza and Civil Protection have become the Year of Ferrara 's public event safer tonight as beautiful as euphoric and special.

Date: December 31, 2015

New Year's Concert in Cento

Has become traditional even in the City of Hundred, New Year's Concert is one of the most anticipated events of the theater season. A beautiful and elegant way to greet the new year along with the music. Opera arias and overtures will alternate to the traditional songs of the Viennese tradition, typical of the new year.

The most famous opera arias and Viennese music of the Strauss family. The universal language of music, opera and Viennese waltz tradition to greet the new year together. A great concert as a wish to all lovers of theater, music, entertainment and culture, a magnificent 2015.

At the end of the concert, the entire audience will be invited to a toast of good wishes which will be held in the foyer and in the foyer of the Teatro Borgatti.

Date: 1 January 2015 17:00
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New Year celebration of the City of Ferrara

New Year celebration in the square, between music and shows waiting for the amazing show with spectacle piromusicale the Castello Estense.

A big party that embraces all the squares of the old town with the Christmas Village and solidarity, areas dedicated to the flavors and ice skating rink in the central garden of the Duchesse.

And waiting for the exciting fireworks display of the Estense Castle at the stroke of midnight on the 31st, to greet the new year with cascades of colors and swirls of lights, lots of music for all tastes, the elegant "New Year's Eve Gala at the Theatre" at the rooms in the foyer of the Teatro Comunale and the evocative "Feast of the Dukes of Este" in the Salt Pier Castle Estense.

The thousands of people in the square can enjoy shows and activities, all in the name of security. This is why youth and families for more than a decade, choosing to spend the New Year's Eve between the walls Este, a destination for everyone, from the greatest to children.

Date: December 31, 2015
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Eel Festival of Comacchio

Sagra dell'Anguilla 2014

Eel Festival 2014

On 27-28 September and 4-5 October 11 to 12 the festival dedicated Anguilla reaches the 16th edition!

What better setting than that of water and monumental bridges in brick and Istrian stone, to pay tribute to the undisputed queen of the Comacchio?
It could not be otherwise, between the channels of the historic center and the adjacent lagoon, which staged a show of art varies, the colors of the sky and the lights of the water, including the sounds of nature and the charm of popular culture, to enjoy and celebrate together our famous eel.

The event highlights the history and local identity, recalling stories and ancient knowledge thousands of years, also keeping the tradition of the flavors which you can find at the food stand, but also with a hint of innovative experimentation that you will have the opportunity to savor the restaurants in the center.

Take advantage of the packages Visit Ferrara to give yourself a weekend full of taste and relax in a unique atmosphere.

More info and program: